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Crafts discovery

Virginie Lagerbe, colourist-dyer, garden alchemist and creator of the Pérégreen workshop, lifts the veil on one of nature’s most beautiful hidden gifts: its plant colours.

Hidden in different forms and in certain plants, coloring substances are present everywhere around us without our seeing them. These are the techniques of natural dyeing that allow him to reveal this hidden beauty of nature via mechanical processes of maceration, decoction, fermentation. Vegetable dyes react differently depending on the textile fibers, this phenomenon then reveals shades and surprising color harmonies, always elegant, soft and timeless.

Each plant space hides its own palette, Virginie Lagerbe conceptualizes its colorful soul for an original extension of nature in interiors via biosourced materials, the promise of a unique sensory experience. The reappropriation of this universe of dyes for developments, in architecture, scenography and design is immense…

Program Outline


Maker: Virginie Lagerbe, colourist-dyer, garden alchemist and creator of the Pérégreen workshop

Content and forms of teaching

Ma.Na's team accompanies the participants through a range of complementary activities:

  • A time of reflection and research to document the subject
  • Hours of work in the workshops as well as on the field
  • Various highlights: conferences, visits, masterclasses
  • Individual and collective scenarios
  • Individual and collective conversations and advices from tutors and speakers.

Typical day and week schedule

General learning objectives

The training allows the participant to acquire the basics of textile dyeing techniques.

This week of training allows learning the basics of vegetable dyeing using dyes available in the nearby environment.

Discover the age-old art of dyeing (history, geography) and its future prospects,

set up a workshop to practice, create your own bank of dyes,

learn the right reflexes for a virtuous practice of dyeing,

feel and acquire the right gestures through experience, develop a methodology to develop your own color chart.

Training tools / materials

Access to references, preparation documents, recommended readings, filmography, etc. before the program starts. Material provided.

Follow-up on your work at MaNa, daily meetings, intermediate rendering and collective presentation in the end of the training.

Individual meeting on your current practice, based on the portfolio, allowing to reinforce, correct or orientate different questions.

At the end of the training, learners will be able to

- to create their own workshop,

- build their own dye bank

- to prepare the fabrics for the attachment of the dyes: mordanting (key to the practice)

- to dye from several easily reproducible recipes

- to vary the colors of the same bath to create shades and to reproduce them

- to mix dyes and play with tannins to create shades and patterns.

- to make a textile color chart summarizing the techniques covered during the week.

Assessment methods

Documented and well-argued final project

The acquisition of knowledge and experience during training, the progress of work and the final rendering are taken into account training validated by a MaNa certificate.

Admission criteria / prerequisites

Self-taught or graduate of the discipline - the experience is assessed during the admission process.

Step 1: Sending a CV and portfolio
Step 2: Validation of the application by the admission board, which ensures that the profile and the requirements of the training match.

Program details

Material(s): Fabric
Domain: Crafts & Colour Design
Duration: 1 week
Language: French & english

Price: 1900 € inc VAT

This price includes the cost of training, accommodation and full board, materials

Dates : Upcoming Sessions
From 26/06/2023 to 30/06/2023

Typical day and week schedule​

Program Outline

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