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Alistair Danhieux

Ceramics Maker

Alistair Danhieux


After completing his education in Britain, Alistair travelled extensively, first in Europe then in India and West Africa. He finally settled in St Amand en Puisaye, in France in 2003 to start a new journey, this time in ceramics.

He completed two long courses at the CNIFOP (renowned ceramics school in France) in St Amand, concentrating mainly on throwing. He then continued his ceramics education in a workshop near to St Amand where he explored his own style notably with the “Naked Raku” technique.

In 2007 he set out as a professional potter making “Naked Raku” ware. This lead him to explore other smoke firing and low temperature techniques. Around 2014 Alistair started using high firing stoneware and porcelain, as a medium to create his hand painted black and white vessels. The motifs are very much inspired by traditional decorations from different cultures, ranging from Tibetan mandalas and Indian mehndi designs, to traditional tattoos from varying cultures. All motifs are original and painted freehand.

Alistair has travelled all over France and Europe exhibiting his work at ceramics fairs and in galleries.

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