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Marc Partouche


Art historian and theoretician, doctor of state in aesthetics and art sciences.

-General Secretary Global Office of the International Association of Art Critics (gathering 60 countries and 5500 critics), an association recognized by UNESCO.

Previously (selection):
-Director of the National School of Decorative Arts, Paris
-Director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels-Higher School of Arts
-Scientific Director of the Cité Internationale du Design, Saint-Etienne.
-Advisor to the Delegate for Visual Arts, Ministry of Culture and Communication.
-Inspector General for Research, Technological Creation and Research, Delegation for Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Author of books (latest published):
-Art schools changing the world. Utopias and pedagogical alternatives from 1815 to the present day. Editions Hermann, Paris, 2021
-Marcel Duchamp, Art begins the moment I light a cigarette. Hermann Editions, Paris, 2018.
-Allais/Klein, Co-Op Editions, Paris 2018.
-The Forgotten Lineage. Bohemia, avant-gardes and contemporary art (from 1830 to the present day). Editions Hermann, Paris 2017 and Al Dante editions, Paris, 2004.

Prefaces, articles:
Since 1978, publication of approximately 200 articles (prefaces to catalogs, communications, collective works, etc.), correspondent for French, German and Canadian journals.

Curator of exhibitions:
Design and organization of numerous exhibitions, conferences and various events in France and around the world: Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Scotland, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Korea, Japan, United States, Mexico.

Creation of several magazines and collections of works on the arts and contemporary culture.
Currently director of the collection The Good Neighbor, Éditions Hermann, Paris

Regular participation in seminars and conferences. Many conferences in France and abroad (Switzerland, Italy, England, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt) .

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