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Mathieu Luzurier


Mathieu Luzurier is a craftsman from La Puisaye, cabinetmaker. He studied at the Ecole Boulle, the art of highlighting the multiple species of wood both solid and veneer using traditional and modern techniques. 
Born and raised in Paris, Mathieu has started to study Biochemistry and bacteriology in high school. Then he went to Ecole Boulle and he graduted as a cabinet maker. During his learning process, he went to several workshop, such as Bernard Mauffret, Marc Desnoyer or Alexandre Fougea. Mathieu worked for few companies in Paris and London (A.K.A Design), and it is in 2016 that he started running his own company, in Burgundy, known as M.A.C. He makes furnitures, wardrobs, kitchens, woodenfloor, etc. He fit is work in their places with a sharp attention to details. As a child of a “jack of all trades”, Mathieu knows the main knowledge in many fields of construction in order to renew houses. 

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