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Olivier Saguez

Designer & Businessman

Olivier Saguez


Olivier Saguez, committed designer-entrepreneur

“Design is obviously in the everyday usefulness. Useful to the people and to the planet.”

After Interior Design and Art History degree from the Ecole Boulle, he started his career with the Franco-American designer Raymond Loewy. After co-founding the Proximité agency, a BBDO group subsidiary he managed for a decade, Olivier founds Saguez & Partners: an independent global design agency.

Design must change by becoming more frugal, economical, clever, 100% useful. And necessarily

Pioneer in one of the first mixed-use eco-district near Paris, in the heart of the Docks de Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, Saguez & Partners built its new Manufacture Design 100% sustainable design. There, the one hundred and thirty talents of the agency imagine and create the design of tomorrow.

As a real incubator-lab to Work Differently and the uses of tomorrow, the Manufacture Design is part of a dual approach of sustainable development and social diversity. Open on the city, the building is crossed by an urban passage, which houses a restaurant at the foot of the building with three young entrepreneur and Design Act! master class co-founded with an international design school, to Learn Differently.

Convinced that compagnies must be citizen and solidary, Olivier Saguez puts design at the service of his commitment, in educational, cultural and entrepreneurial actions, which help to strengthen social ties and support innovative projects. In 2017, he created the Saguez Corporate Foundation “Design for All”, with the aim of democratizing design and putting it at the service of all, starting as close as possible in its two territories, Saint-Ouen in Seine-Saint-Denis and Arles in Camargue.

His culture: sensible, sensitive, useful
His conviction: design is not there just to look pretty! ®
His credo: an idea is worth it only if it is well executed.

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