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Thomas Dariel

Founding Partner / Designer

Thomas Dariel


«I started dreaming to design furniture, objects and chairs when I was 8 years old». Thomas Dariel, is Maison Dada co-founder and Dariel Studio founder. Maison Dada is a design editor since 2016. Now 39 years old, the designer has already made great achievements. He grew up with his family in Paris, graduated from Nantes Design School and lived in Rome for a year.

In 2005, he left to settle in Shanghai and launched his design studio a year later, at the age of 24 – Dariel studio – an interior architecture agency. He specialized in residential interiors and built his reputation thanks to the renovation of ancient Qing and Ming Dynasty architectures turning them into hotels. He becomes one of the top 10 designers in China.

His Sino-French vision and know-how between two worlds pushed him to launch Maison Dada, being its artistic director and founding partner. Allowed him to develop his own collections of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories. «Dada is a state of mind. In my point of view, Dadaism represents one of the most important art movement of the XX th Century, the essence of design, art and a contemporary lifestyle. My style is a direct consequence of it. I want my furniture to have a soul, telling a story».

Design for Thomas is key: it can be a link that help the harmonious dialogue of cultures. This is a crucial concern for him. Since its creation, the agency that counts 35 team member between Shanghai and Paris, achieved over 100 projects in various fields, most of them were recognized and awarded.

Thomas regularly counts among the top 100 designers in Asia in design and architecture by the AD magazine, top 10 designers in China by Vantage magazine and in 2022 he enter the FD100 top French designers list (le Via). His creations are part of the prestigious collection of Mobilier National in France.

Thomas Dariel is also the President of the French Design Editors Federation at Ameublement Français, an efficient voice to promote French contemporary design to the World.

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